Monday, October 1, 2012

Brewing After Not Brewing for 3 Months

So I haven't brewed since June - crazy. And my new apartment has no outdoor space, so I am having to move my brewery elsewhere. I decided on my mom's house, though it is very far away, on account of that she will let me brew there and not hassle me about when or how often I do brew there. And MY LAPTOP WAS STOLEN! It was insured, so I got a shiny new laptop, but I lost DOZENS of homebrew recipes and I now have to buy a new copy of Beer Alchemy! Balls.

Anyway, a lot of non-brewing stuff has taken my attention. I swore into the State Bar of California, I opened my own law office, and I built a website for that law office, which you can go to by clicking on these links or just going to

But I still have a lot of 2011 crop hops left, so I am planning on doing 2 10-gallon batches of IPA in the near future - one Black and one Regular (possibly even a re-do of my Old School IPA - though the recipe is lost). We'll see. I miss having beer on tap.

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