Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brewing After Failure

So, I haven't updated this for a while since I found out in November that I failed the New York bar exam. I failed by 8 points, or .8% (less than 1%), but failing is failing. While it felt awful, it also sucked away a lot of my free time since I have been studying for the bar again... albeit this time it has been twice as stressful and depressing (though also somewhat less daunting). For those who are interested, I got a passing score on the MBE and the New York Multiple Choice. I failed the written section of the exam, obtaining a less-than-passing score on every essay as well as the Multistate Performance Test. Since I passed the MBE and the NYMC pretty solidly, I only needed a single extra point on any of the essays or the MPT (or 4 more correct MBE answers) and I would have passed. I am expecting to get 10-20 more correct answers on the MBE this time around, as well as an additional point or so on each essay and the MPT, but who really knows, right? We will see how I do this February - and then in July when I take the California exam for the first (and hopefully only) time.

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