Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hella Bitter

Hella Bitter was meant to be an English Best Bitter (4-4.6% abv) with west coast American hops.

My efficiency was way too high, so I ended up with something more approximating an ESB (still basically within the realm of what i was trying to do, as far as I'm concerned). I have heard that low-gravity beers tend to get higher efficiency, so maybe it isn't that surprising. My beer's OG was supposed to be 1.044 to 1.046, but I got 1.048.

Here's the recipe:

7lb 12 oz Halcyon
4 oz Caramalt
4 oz British Crystal 55L
2 oz British Extra Dark Crystal 160L

1 oz Cascade (5.7% AA) FWH
1 oz Willamette (5.6% AA) 60 min
.5 oz Willamette (5.6% AA) 5 min
.5 oz Cascade (5.7% AA) 5 min

WLP037 Yorkshire Squares Ale

1.048 OG, ~35 IBU, 8 SRM

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