Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grey Skies Porter (again)

Made the porter again, albeit with a tweaked recipe and a bit of a bigger gravity/hop situation.

8 lb Optic
12 oz Chocolate Malt (UK)
8 oz Belgian Aromatic
8 oz caramalt
8 oz Kiln Coffee Malt
4 oz Pale Chocolate Malt (UK)
4 oz Crystal 160L (UK)

40 IBU worth Northern Brewer HopShot at 60 min
the remaining fifth of a syringe at 10 min
.5 oz Willamette (5.6% AA) 10 min

Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale

Here's what it looks like poured from a bottle-conditioned bottle (Tastes better on tap, though)

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