Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maple Brown Ale

So I had planned on doing 2 brown ales with my White Labs WLP037 Yorkshire Square Ale yeast: a Nut Brown Ale similar to Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale, and a Maple Brown Ale. Well, I decided to make a nut brown ale with maple syrup - and it was more mapley than planned....

I did the math wrong and ended up with 2L more wort than could fit in my kettle. As such, I decided to dump some of it and let the very full kettle boil for 90 min or more until it got down to 5.5 gallons. Well, my GF and I were planning to go out to dinner (for my birthday) so I just did a 60 min boil and ended up with 6 gal or so of 1.048 wort - and I wanted a little more kick, so I added another 8 oz or so of maple syrup (I'm going to prime the keg with even more!). I ended up with a 1.052 wort of nice brown beer.

The Recipe:

8 lb Maris Otter
9 oz Special Roast
8 oz Carastan Malt
5 oz Chocolate Malt (UK)
4 oz Crystal 135L (UK)
14 fl oz Maple Syrup (Grade B)

.5 oz Mt. Hood (5.1 AA) FWH
1 oz Mt. Hood (5.1 AA) 60 min


1.052, 20 IBU, ~5.4% ABV

Boo Ya, the finished product (very delicious, I might add):

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